The Future is Freelancing.

The Freelance Festival is a biannual event that brings together Australia’s most successful freelancers for networking, upskilling, panel discussions and key notes.

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"The Freelance Festival was the perfect event for me. I learned a lot of new skills, made valuable connections and had an amazing time. Highly recommend!"

David Brill – Video Journalist

Festival Attendees

About the festival

The Freelance Festival is a biannual event for freelancers seeking to amplify their career prospects. It serves as a nexus for networking, fostering connections with fellow freelancers, industry experts, and potential clients. The festival offers a wealth of upskilling opportunities, providing access to workshops, seminars, and discussions that equip attendees with the latest trends and skills crucial for thriving in the competitive freelance landscape. 

Interested in Presenting or Attending the 2024 Freelance Festival?

We are excited to invite freelancers from all fields to express their interest in presenting or attending the 2024 Freelance Festival. Whether you’re an accomplished industry expert or a rising talent, we welcome your unique perspectives and insights that contribute to the festival’s rich tapestry of knowledge exchange.

For those wishing to present, this is a remarkable platform to share your expertise, showcase your skills, and connect with a diverse audience eager to learn and collaborate. If you’re looking to attend, the Freelance Festival promises a dynamic environment where you can expand your network, gain valuable insights, and stay abreast of the latest trends shaping the freelance landscape.